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  • Amazing Lightshows

  • No Programming

  • Easy Plug-in Connections

  • App Control

ViVi is a control box smaller than your phone.  Input audio from Aux or a Mic to the 3.5mm port.  Connect LED strips on 3 unique outputs.  ViVi instantly analyzes the audio and creates complex beat-matched light shows in real-time.

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Key Features

ViVi can liven up any party, energize your gym, or wow a crowd all for a fraction of the cost of existing commercial products and without the endless hours of setup and programming. ViVi - Music LED Controller is a professional WS2812B controller designed with music reactive lightshows as the primary focus, but also capable of all basic lighting functions.

No Programming Required

No Setup Required

Similar light shows can require 3 months of programming for just one song, ViVi requires zero time programming and works on any song in real-time.

App Control via Bluetooth

App Control via Bluetooth

No more flimsy remotes. Easily customize ViVi right from your phone. The app is not required to be open for operation, ViVi operates completely on its own.

Can you find the beat?  ViVi can.

Many Different Uses

ViVi can do static lighting that too. With persistent memory ViVi will always turn on in the same mode and color as when turned off. Stay classy and just turn on the fun when it’s time to party.

Take ViVi Anywhere

Take it with You

ViVi is smaller than a cellphone and can be powered by any 5V source, including all USB ports such as USB power banks (batteries) and USB chargers (wall or car).

If you can build it, ViVi can control it.

DIY Friendly

ViVi can optionally output a 5V PWM signal for its basic animations. This can be used as input for your own custom controller to add music reactivity and app control to anything.

Smart AddressableLED Control

Accuracy that Shows

ViVi’s proprietary VibeSync technology thinks beyond the “grey zone” (brightness based on volume) where other music led controllers operate and provides precision beat matching.

** For more detailed technical information and guides on installation, visit our product information page. **
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