Quick Setup


    Once LEDs, power, and an audio source are connected the ViVi Music LED Controller will begin working immediately with default settings.  The default strip display is 120 LEDs, which does not reach the end of the standard 150 LED 5 meter strips, you can use the app to adjust this.

    Quick Start App "ViVi VibeLink" on Android or iOS

    • Ensure ViVi has power.
    • Open the app and select "ViVi-LED" from the list. If missing ViVi press “SCAN” in the top right or swipe down from the top to re-scan.  If the list is blank check that the app has Bluetooth and location permission and your phone's location is enabled (required for Bluetooth scanning on some phones).
    • Go to the far right “SETUP” tab.
    • Use the + and – buttons or slider to adjust each strip’s # of LEDs to match your physical setup. The strips switch to an adjustment display that lights up the first LED, the center LED(s), and the last LED. A few seconds after you stop making adjustments the lights return to normal operation. ** iOS Bass +/- buttons have a bug that adjusts Mids instead, you must use the slider **
    • Go to the other tabs for each channel to adjust animation, color, brightness and more.  For the full app details see here.


    • Use 5 Volt power sources ONLY.  ViVi can pass-through up to 5 Amps of continuous current to power LEDs, so a 6A or higher rated 5V power supply is recommended.

    • The included USB-to-Barrel Jack cable allows you to power ViVi from a USB battery pack for portable use, or any USB port.  USB ports maximum output ranges from 0.5A to 2.4A, so ViVi + LEDs may draw too much power and cause a shutdown or reset.  Follow the power guidelines below to adjust settings to stay within your supplies limits.

    LED Power Use Estimates (Amps per 100 LEDs at 5V):

    1A per 100 LEDs
    Music reactive animations, 100% brightness
    2A per 100 LEDs
    Constant on, all LEDs, assorted colors, 100% brightness
    3A per 100 LEDs
    Constant on, all LEDs, white, 100% brightness

    Power consumption drops in relation to brightness, and it decreases faster than brightness, LEDs set to 70% brightness will use 60% of the power compared to LEDs at 100% brightness.  So 100 LEDs reacting to music at 50% brightness will use about 0.4 Amps instead of 1.0 Amps if they were at 100% brightness.


    A 3.5mm audio jack allows for input from a variety of sources.

    • Aux or line-out of any device such as a cellphone, computer, or stereo can be plugged in.  Use the included 3.5mm splitter to connect to both ViVi and what will actually produce sound (headphones or speaker system).
    • An included microphone can be plugged into the 3.5mm jack.  Place as close to audio source as possible, or for wearing it position it where it will not be rubbed or bumped.


    A single plug for each output provides power and data to the lights.

    • Use the included Adapter Cables to connect from ViVi to WS2812B light strips.  The ViVi connector is slimmer and more compact than the connectors pre-installed on the light strips.
    • Use the extension cables, with the larger style connectors on both ends, to increase the distance between ViVi and the lights.
    • Use a spliiter cable to make two light strips display the same effects.  Use a single cable for as long as possible before the splitter to keep signal strength as strong as possible.

    Accessory Port

    • This port currently has no functionality assigned to it.  We are using to develop additional features that may be released in a future firmware update.

    User Manual and Advanced Guides

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