Using our VibeSync™ technology, offer your customers an awe inspiring light show experience that automatically syncs to their music at a fraction of the cost and install time as more traditional setups. Let’s bring music to light, together. We offer dedicated one on one support, exclusive products, and exclusive wholesale pricing to our installation partners. We view our installation partners as part of the Visual Vibes family and are committed to growing together.

No Programming Time
No programming required. Similar setups require a constantly running PC with lighting software, set up requires manually configuring the software to match the light layout and then programming lighting sequences, and that still doesn’t get you comparable light shows. To create a VibeSync quality light show requires programming a separate lighting sequence for every song that will be played!

Cut Your Install Time In Half
Cuts installation time in half. Similar setups require complex installations and electrical wiring expertise.  Our setup diagrams and optional prefabricated cables make installation jobs quick and easy.  We provide one on one support to help you plan and execute your installations, turn your 5 day job into a 2 day job!

Offer 3 Zones of Lighting
3 Zones of Lighting help create a stunning and artistic light show. Other LED strip controllers are only one zone by default. Without ViVi, the only way to produce multiple zones requires using lighting software and multiple controllers to convert DMX to LED strip control. ViVi provides the option for users to control the zones independently (e.g. Bass, Mids, Treble)

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