About Visual Vibes

Our Mission

To improve music synchronizing lighting technology in order to continue pushing the visual art that accompanies music to new levels.

We will do this by continually improving automated music synchronization software, creating hardware controllers that are easier to use, and creating new lighting products that allow for creative installations.

Our Company

Visual Vibes LLC was formed in 2015 for the purpose of developing an automated music synchronizing LED controller that was better than anything else available.

In 2016 this goal was achieved, at least in prototype form. A Kickstarter was launched and funded, followed by more orders on Indiegogo.  Our next goal of shipping the final mass production controller in 6 months was a little more difficult.  After many delays we successfully shipped all pre-orders in 2018 and continued selling more controllers online.

We had some ups and downs since then, managing an all new hardware product and increasing demand, but we survived them all and continue to grow.  In 2020 we are working to develop new lighting products to move beyond light strips, as well as new controllers.  And we are adding new members to the team (soon to be added below).

Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Matt!

Six years before I started Visual Vibes I had the same desire that many people have at some point, I wanted lights that sync to my music.

I searched and couldn’t find anything that looked good without having to manually program the lights to a song, so I decided to build my own controller with custom software that automatically synced to any music. Life was full of other distractions, like a full time job not involving music reactive lighting, and the project remained on the breadboard for a long time.

In the Summer of 2015 I decided to turn my music lights project into a product for everyone. I found the addressable RGB LED strips (WS2812B) and I knew these could create the light shows I dreamed about. Work on ViVi Music LED Controller began. My background in mechanical engineering, electronics, and automation helped me develop ViVi to be the best it can be.  I left my job and used my own savings plus crowdfunding to make it a reality and have continued working on it full-time since then.


Hi, I’m Rajiv!

My father taught me that finding your passion in life was the most important thing to do and would lead to what we all hope is happiness. I am doing just that.

As an impassioned technology enthusiast, I spent 9 years in the PC hardware industry sharing my love for technology as a marketing director. As I saw technology advance and become easier to use, it became natural that I wanted to spread that love to more users.

Essentially I found my calling: I wanted to bring people together in any way that I could.

That sense of purpose continued with DJing. I’ve always loved how music brought people together and it became an exciting challenge to create performances that couldn’t be found anywhere else. It allowed me to separate myself from others and lighting helps continue that distinction.

I joined Visual Vibes because I truly believe in the vision and want to be a part of something new and could help others express their creativity and passion as well.

Nothing better than getting behind a product you so badly want yourself, right?


Yes, we're open!

We're open and shipping all orders from Virginia Beach, VA within 1 business day.