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Requests Topic for App/Vivi?

I didn't really find a request area of the forum but I thought I could list here:

  1. Open API or some bluetooth command capability to connect to smart home/hub/Raspberry PI to perform automations:
    1. capable of picking Presets?  May not be possible since thats based on each Android device I guess.
    2. capable of doing everything the bluetooth app does?  Long shot but would be very nice
  2. Ability to change/swap which channel is bass/mid/treble.  Would be nice to control that through the app or through a remote command (see 1).  Changing wire is not convenient if you want to change the bass/mid/treble LED strips for different music
  3. PWM ( which I hear you guys are doing soon?) - love to control other things on music
  4. If a new HW every comes out, WIFI capability with GET/POST commands through HTTP and/or take in digital audio through Wifi as an input option
  5. Option to control range of bass/mid/treble in case audio input is not meeting expectations on bass hits, etc  (or maybe choice to amplify sound input?)

That's some requests for today.  Thanks for listening!

  1. We will publish all the Bluetooth commands one day, we were waiting to see if we were going to make significant changes, but now we just need to spend the time to document them nicely and we will share them.  We have a lot of stuff we are always working on, so lower priority items can take a while to get done.
    1. The current implementation of Presets is in the app rather than in the firmware, so preset are saved locally on each phone rather than on a controller, so you could not pick presets created on a different device.  We plan to change this in a future firmware update so presets are stored on the controller.
    2. It would make it possible to do everything the app does.
  2. This will be possible in a future firmware update and we will add the controls to the app.
  3. PWM will be added to the app soon, the code is already in the firmware of all controller, so even without a firmware update all controllers will have this ability once the PWM controls are added to the app.
  4. We will continue to support the current HW for a long time as-is, we put more HW in all controllers than what the software currently utilizes so we can add features with firmware updates (once we get those rolling out) and all controllers will be the same, but WiFi is not one of them.  We are in the early planning stages for an all new second controller that will have WiFi and will be extremely versatile with the ability to do all that, this will be separate from the ViVi controller and won't be available for at least another year.
  5. We may add some adjustment ability for the frequency ranges, but since we don't plan to change the HW there is no chance for an amplified input.  Amplification tends to cause poor results, which is why we went with a non-amplified microphone, so this is unlikely to be an option on any controller we make.  A typical line-level signal at 50-100% source volume provides accurate readings, other factors like the quality of the source music and the mastering of the audio file (affecting dynamic range) have an impact on the ability to discern beat hits, but this has only been an issue with some very poor quality music.  For connecting to AV receiver pre-outs we have found a phono preamp is a huge help in boosting the signal to acceptable levels for ViVi (as well as helping with ground loop issues), that is the only case where an external amplifier has been needed.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for your feedback.  That's good things coming.   One more request :)

Holiday settings or function to go with holiday music :)

For example, Christmas can have a settings to do a candy cane/barber shop colors streaming across red amd white.  Or green and red sparkles.  Halloween can have thunder lightning  (that might be already possible with existing).   St Pat's day has some random greens, etc.


And one more :)

Since the Sparkle effect is limited to <300 LEDs, it leaves the remaining on whatever it was before.  Any chance to clear/turn off LEDs before switching to sparkle mode to avoid that?

Hey, sorry for not responding to these additional posts.  We are working on the firmware update ability now and that will allow us to add new animations, and we can definitely include some holiday specific ones like you requested.  And we have fixed the Sparkle effect limit, so when we release the new firmware it will fix it to work on any number of LEDs.

Thanks Matt.  I look forward to this new FW.  Looks like a major one.  Let me know if you need any beta testers :)

Hope everyone is safe with covid19.  Any news on the update, really really looking forward to those improvements.   My last update is July 30 2019.

We are still healthy and staying safe, and working.  We did initial testing of the firmware update app code, and it didn't work.  In February we spent a lot of time preparing some gym specific kits to market at trade shows this spring, and we were getting ready to move into a bigger office and hire another employee, then all those plans abruptly changed.  This resulted in me not having the extra free time expected to work on code, but we are getting settled in our revised path forward and I'll be spending time on the app again very soon.  I've also documented a few app bugs and those should be patched in an update in about month, very likely before the firmware updating is done.