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New App Wishlist

Hey I just wanted to start a thread on what features people want to see in the new app so the new developers can develop to the needs of its users.

The two biggies for me is:
Saved Scenes
Master Fader

I would love to see a master fader as a hardware potentiometer as well as more hardware based support like buttons and switches to recall scenes etc.  DMX in/out would be nice too.  I know Matt and Rajiv have plans to add this support eventually.  The ability to change what the lights do during times when no music is playing would be great too.  So if the music is stopped maybe have a couple settings to just color fade etc at a set time of quietness.  I think it kinda does something like this now but having the ability to change the settings of it would be a great feature too.


Any other features that people want to see in the new app?


Hey, putting all the feature requests in one place would be helpful.  I'll work on compiling all requests here and maybe make a new post if this gets a lot of activity.

Current Update under development:

  1. Add saved scenes.
  2. Add + and - buttons to the iOS app LED count adjustment.

Future Updates feature requests and plans:

  • Add more detailed color control with color wheel, manual RGB values, white w/ temp adjust.
  • Add password protection.
  • Add color theme options to use multiple colors at once (single strip or whole controller) or switch between only specific colors.  User customizable.
  • Add ability to customize "auto-animation" so you can select what animations it will switch between.
  • Add options for starting strip from left, right, or center.
  • Add different output type selection for each LED Output (WS2811, APA102, PWM, etc.).
  • Add smart home integration.  Possibly via BLE brigde or with future WiFi adapter for dev. Port.
  • Add options for outputting to a matrix of specific dimensions rather than a strip.
  • Add customizable variable adjustments for the animations, such as speed, # of sections, etc.
  • Add dwell mode (if enabled ViVi switches to looping animation or static display automatically while no music is detected)
  • Add option for constant background behind all animations.
  • Add new animations (continue adding more and more in future updates).
  • Add hardware control via Dev. Port.  Manufacture some ready-to-use accessories and publish protocol so anyone can make custom hardware controllers.
  • Add DMX master and slave capabilities.
  • Add MIDI control (ViVi as slave).
  • Add selectable power-on state; allows ViVi to start with fixed settings when power is cycled.

Some of these are relatively broad and have many more specific details that will go into creating the feature.  All of these planned features should work on all existing ViVi's, but we can't guarantee the features until they have been fully developed and tested.



Default power up options would be nice too.  Like when the unit powers up instead of going to its last saved settings maybe load a default that you set.  Like all off etc. Just incase you do not want them to start running right away after powering the system up.  Or you can have it set to your default settings so if something gets messed up (either by you or someone else) all you gotta do is power cycle it and it will return to your saved default.