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Led show setup questions


I want to use 4 5m 300leds strips from each port that will be 4m away from the vivi. I have 3 signal amplifier repeaters like the ones you suggest on your website and of course extra power.

My questions are

1) should I use the signal amps closer to the vivi or to the strips? (I guess the strips)

2) is the normal cable I find for the 3 pin strips OK to extend it or will I need thicker cable?

Thank you


Sorry about the late reply.  Forum notifications had stopped working.

1) Closer to the strips is best.

2) The normal cable may work, but it depends on what settings you will be using on your LED strips.  Between ViVi and the amplifier should only be DATA/GND, cable thickness won't matter.  You should be adding power directly to the LED strips, or at least to each splitter, and estimate how much power will flow on each section of wire to see if the gauge is thick enough to support your needs.  We have information and guides on our website to help estimate power consumption based on settings,