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How do you wire WS2813 Strip LEDs to ViVi?

So the manual says: "Supported LED Types: WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813"


And the answer to the question on Amazon titled "Is it compatible with WS2813 ?"says: Yes and No. The data signal is compatible, but the connectors are different. Modification to the connector or wiring is required and will need soldering or special crimping tools and connector components. WS2813 has a 4-pin JST-SM connector, the LED adapter from ViVi ends at a 3-pin JST-SM connector. The single data wire from ViVi needs to connect to the two data inputs at the start of the WS2813 strip; the +5V and GND also need to connect as usual. Along the rest of the WS2813 strip the two data circuits remain separate because they are used to check for a broken LED and skip it. They use 4-pin connectors instead of 3-pin because if you connect two strips the two data circuits need to be kept separate, but at the initial input the same data should be sent to both data circuits. Combining the two at the very start of the strip does not affect the ability to skip LEDs further down the strip because both data circuits go into each LED, through the IC located in the LED, and out outputs on the other side, so they are not continuous traces, they are "broken" at each LED.


So I bought a strip of WS2813 LEDs and I tried wiring it up. I made a 3-wire harness with a 3-pin JST connector, I ran +/-5V power leads as called for and then soldered the single data wire from the Vivi directly across both middle "data" solder pads on the W2813 strip. But that didn't work so apparently I am not interpreting the instructions correctly. Help!

It sounds like you did everything correctly and it should be working.  We have done this ourselves and had a few customers do it with success as well.

  • Double check that the +/-5V connections are going to the correct wires to ViVi.
  • Make sure you are connected to the input end of the strip, they are directional and data will only flow in one direction.
  • If you're using an extension(s) you should check the wire colors at each end because we had a few bad cables with incorrectly wired connectors ship with some pre-orders before we discovered the issue and did a 100% check of all cables.

Well Matt, that proves the saying "If you have a 50% chance of getting it right, you have a 100% chance of getting it wrong", I had NO IDEA the strips are directional, now I see the little arrow head indicating direction. I swapped the harness to the other end and Viola, works great. THANKS!