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Help with 6- 5meter strips

Hi Guys

I was wondering what it would take power supply wise and splitters to make my setup work.  I want to have 2 5meter strips per output one on each side of room.  I need to get a splitter for each output and then maybe 6 extensions atleast 80inches long. I did not know what I needed to do as far as adding additional power.  any help would be appreciated.

I have purchased so far

6- ALITOVE WS2812B Addressable 300 Pixels RGB LED Strip Light 5m/16.4ft 

1- ALITOVE 5V 15A AC to DC

1- ALITOVE 5V 10A AC to DC 

1- ViVi Music LED Controller (Controller Only)



3 of our splitters and 6 of our extensions (2 meters each which is almost exactly 80 inches) should fit those needs.

For additional power you can use some of these items or similar to get power from the second power supply to the LED strips

Power Plug for LED Strips (no solder required) - 2.1 x 5.5 mm, Female, 10 pack

Power Plug Pigtails for LED Strips (soldering required) - 2.1 x 5.5 mm, 18 awg, Male and Female, 10 pairs

Power Splitter and 5m Extension - 2.1 x 5.5mm, 1-Female-to-2-Male, 1 of each


You should attach the extra power to the far end of the strips to help correct voltage drop, especially since you have 300 LEDs over 5m instead of 150 LEDs.  You can read our power guide for more info there is still a lot to add so please ask more questions if something is missing or unclear.


Thanks for the reply I will not be able to add power to the end of the 300 but I dont think I will mind the voltage drop too much.


The setup I was thinking now will have have the following

2.1x 5.5mm  5v 15 amp converter for each output mid treb bass

this converter will split and i have extensions to each cable to provide power at the beginning of each strip

from controller I will use your 4pin molex to 3pin and then the three pin I will split and run an extension to each output for data.


I will try this out before mounting it in the location but I think everything should behave