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GUIDE on 5V Power Distribution [Feedback and Discussion]

Attached is the first, incomplete, draft of the guide for how to connect additional 5V power.  Use this thread to provide feedback and request information to be added.  If you want to know about 12V LED use go here instead, there is a different guide available.

Uploaded files:

Can you please make an exact guide but using 12v instead of 5v?

There is a separate forum section for 12V LED use, I didn't want to let the two get mixed up.  I've added a link to the original post now too.  The latest 12V guide has been posted there.

You need to add pictures to the guide for the topics listed on page 2 of the guide:

For strips from a splitter

For very high power demand



We will be updating it with pictures , and more changes, over time.  Things got very busy shortly after starting work on this guide and it's just starting to settle down again and we will put more time into the guides.  I uploaded a slightly newer version, mostly just formatting, no new pictures.