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Data will not transfer to a connected strip.(will not light up.

Ok fellas help me out. I have cut my leds at the proper spot. Connected two strips together with 3 pin molet connectors and connectors for the strip. When I go to set up, I cant get the second strip to ligjt up. I have 5v at the end on the second set and I have ground via ohm test. Cant get a ohm reading on the data line. It seems a simple project. Cut he strip make some connections put reset amount of strips. Help please!!

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My main question is. Can you cut and put pieces of leds back together ( 4  3foot pieces. and the whole piece work from front to rear.

Yes, you can cut the LED strips and connect them together again.  You should be able to get 3 to 5 meters of distance of wire after the last LED to the next LED without any data repeater.

Your strip should work how you describe.  Some things to check are that the LED output is set to the correct amount of LEDs so the animation is not ending at the first strip, that the wires all connect to the correct circuit (if +5V and GND are swapped the LEDs will not turn on, but WS2812B have protection for this).

Thanks for the reply Matt. I tried everything and could  not get it to cascade over to the next strip. But that may be a blessing. Instead of running my strips in series  I believe I'm going to try a parallel set up. One long 3 pin 22 gauge wire about 15 ft at the most and making up connections at each new set of strips. Creating new starting points every 4 ft is giving me more visual effect all starting and moving in the same direction the same time.. I will probably have three starting points on each circuit.. All of this is going in a limo bus. I have a total of 6 150 led rolls. The unit powered them all with 3 splitter  at the the vivi unit. Animations an 30% brightness and all 900 led operated with no problems (in the house on the floor). Now with the parallel set up with three rolls I did notice a little slow down with the animation on CHASE if I add 50 led vs 25 leds ( but with three rolls on the same line that would be 150 led being powered) . I have a extra power source 5v 60amp ( lil silver box). Will eliminate  the power source from the vivi going to the strips ( leave the ground and data hooked up) and connect the (silver box) power and ground into the circuit. Also thing about a data amplifier but the bus is only 16 feet long. Only if I need it.( thinking about doing this so there will be no slow downs or strain on the unit). If this sounds like I'm on the right path give me a shout back MATT.  Thanks

That all sounds good.  The amount of power used will not affect the animation speed, but it is a good idea to keep power separate when using lots of LEDs to avoid tripping the over-current protection which freezes the controller until a reboot.  The Chase animation should not change speed when changing between 25 and 50 LEDs, but at higher LED counts, especially getting close to 300, the data protocol timing begins to limit the frame rate and can slow animations down.  Even if an animation is moving at the same speed it can appear slower on a longer strip because it takes longer to go from the start of the strip to the end of the strip, this may be the case with Chase looking slower.  Something to look forward to is that we plan to make most animations speed-adjustable in the future (3 to 6 months) so the LED count and strip density will have less impact on getting the final linear animation speed you want.