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Cannot connect after using presets

I downloaded the updated app to get access to presets, worked for a while, set up some presets, not i cant connect to my vivi.


Power up ViVi

ViVi loads one of my presets

~10 seconds go by

ViVi loads one of my other presets by itself

At no time during this or after can i connect

App find the vivi, i tap it, it says connecting then complete

app site on complete screen with full progress bar

nothing happens even if i let it sit like this for a while


ViVi is useless now

Please help i want my vivi back

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The last app update that added presets only changed the app, there was no change to ViVi's firmware.  This means ViVi will operate the same as before, the only difference is that the app can now send multiple changes with one button press instead of having to manually send each change you want.

When you say "ViVi loads one of my other presets by itself" does this happen to be dim red on all strips?  ViVi does not currently have the ability to automatically change through presets, so it could be doing auto-animation change on each channel separately, but it has no way to change to an exact preset unless you use the app.  If the strips are turning all red, then that is an indication that the over-current protection tripped and the controller is shutdown, you have to unplug power for 10-30 seconds to reboot it.  When the controller is shutdown the Bluetooth will not work.  So it may be the controller turns on and advertises the Bluetooth, but it shuts down before you are able to connect.

You can unplug some or all of the LEDs to run the controller without exceeding the 5A current limit and connect to the app to change the settings.  Here is some info about estimating power consumption:

1A per 100 LEDs – Music reactive animations, 100% brightness
2A per 100 LEDs – Constant on, all LEDs, assorted colors, 100% brightness
3A per 100 LEDs – Constant on, all LEDs, white, 100% brightness
Power consumption drops in relation to brightness, power consumption decreases faster than brightness, so, for example, LEDs set to 70% brightness will use 60% of the power compared to LEDs at 100% brightness.

Looks like that was it, thanks

I have an issue where I cannot get the app to run without crashing - I submitted a ticket but have not heard back and would like someone to help as much ViVi is worthless.  I tried posting the video but it will not allow it here.  It is included in the ticket.



Hi Jamey,

We spoke via email and realized you discovered a new bug, I'm posting here in case anyone else finds this before we patch it.

If the LED count for each output is about 200 or more AND all outputs are set to the animation "Off" then when you connect with the iOS app it will crash.  This may also occur if using the animations Constant - Sparkle or lower on the animation list.  This bug does not affect the Android app so an Android phone can be used to change the settings and the iOS app can then connect again.  Another potential fix is if auto-animation is on you can wait about 30 seconds and the animations will change to a music reactive animation and you should be able to connect again; If the On/Off slider in Presets is used it automatically disables auto-animation when selecting Off so that the lights will not turn on by themselves again.