ViVi Christmas Tree

Santa's Getting Lit

This year we decided to step up our office Christmas tree game and throw a ViVi setup on it. We used our standard 4 Strip Kit adding two (2) LED strips for Bass going around the presents and up the center of the tree with two (2) more LED strips going around the tree to showcase Mids and Treble. (Frosty and decorations not included 👀).

So whether you're looking to spruce up your tree this year with a light show for the family or one up your neighbors once and for all, adding ViVi will be sure to do the trick. 

 Product(s) Used:

     x 1 ViVi 4 Strip Kit

     x too many decorations we stole from our wives (not included)

Preset(s) Used:

Holiday Reactive

Animation Option Color Option Color
Bass Scale Brightness Static Green
Mids Lasers Static Red
Treble Sparkle Explosion Static White

Notes: Wrap the Bass LED strip around bottom and/or trunk of the tree. Wrap Mids and Treble LED strips in a spiral around the tree.

Setup Diagram

christmas tree setup vivi


Suggested Music & Videos

This is a holiday setup so we're gonna suggest you play some holiday tunes. The song played in the video is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Andrew Stanton but here are some more of our favorites: 

Christmas Trap Mix

Pop Christmas Mix


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